Got OUTDOORS includes several activities to instill a relationship of awareness and responsibility with nature:


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The essence of Got OUTDOORS is to realize that nature isn't only to be found in far away places that are seldom visited.

Rather, nature is everywhere!  Thus, Got OUTDOORS participants discover nature in the open spaces of the Meadows Apartment Complex, and in adjacent public spaces.

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To supplement the outdoor experience, indoor space is used for workshops, art or to escape extreme weather. The indoor space is also used as a classroom, which could use a good dose of fun and excitement that learning about the outdoors can bring. 

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There is an abundant wealth of natural beauty and resources in the San Joaquin Valley to see and learn about.  Got OUTDOORS seeks local partners who wish to share their outdoor programming. For example, Got OUTDOORS youth have been invited to experience the Vernal Pool Reserve located at UC Merced.  Ideally, we plan to host eight local field trips a year to learn about local natural resources.

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What happens when youth visits an awesome sight of nature for the first time?  Simply put, youth are overcome with pure joy, which itself becomes another incredible aspect of the natural wonder that surrounds them, and which impress a lasting positive memory for everyone involved.  Ideally, we plan to host a day trip four times a year to California's natural wonders.